The uglier side of online casino

The world of online casino is a very easily accessible website or software that allows a person to gamble while sitting in the comfort of their home. It is programmed after an algorithm that works best to make sure that the results are unpredictable and random. This means that it gives the person a very real casino experience in the virtual world. While this may be appreciated by those who like to occasionally play a few hands at the casino, it does not go well with people who develop the habit of gambling. There are too many people who have admitted to stealing or dwelling into other crimes to feed their gambling hunger. Too many lives have been ruined and too many families have been broken due to this ease of gambling.

Effects of it

Here are a few reasons why online casino does more harm than good:

  • Fraudulent practices – The addiction starts with the websites or software offering a free play to their users. Except they are not actually free to play. These fraud websites design the algorithm in such a way that the users have more chance of winning. When they convince the user that it is easy to earn money this way, they ask them to buy the game and their starts the problem. The users are usually too involved to see that they are being cheated into gambling. And before they know it, they have done more damage than they can recover.
  • Regulations – There are a very few regulation bodies that keep a close eye on an online casino. It usually happens that the fraud casinos are hidden from the view of the regulatory body. Even the authentic ones are not well regulated which means that a lot of underage people and addicted people keep playing at the games while they don’t care where the money is flowing from. There have been instances where a minor uses someone else’s credit card, loses the money and commits suicide.
  • Worse than real casinos – Virtual casinos are much hidden from the general view. A person who gambles through his phone does not appear different from a person who is using the phone for some other purpose. It becomes very hard for family members or friends to know that a person is going through addiction. On the other hand, real casinos are avoidable. A person can choose not to go near the casinos or enter one, whereas online casino is very easily accessible. Moreover, spending virtual money is easier than spending real money. You would have to withdraw or arrange money if you’re playing in a real casino, but virtual money can be spent in just a click.

The online casino should be well-regulated and any kind of fraudulent practice should be immediately fined heavily. Similarly, fake casinos should be taken down and there should be a way to regulate the users of these online casinos. Only then can the internet be safe for gambling.